Filtration SystemIn its most basic form, filtration is a simple concept. It’s the act of separating solid particles from a liquid or gas. People use filters every single day, from brewing coffee to straining pasta. But on a grander scale, filtration is a vital process often involved in some of the most complex industrial systems in the world. No matter the size of your project or the application or industry, Perforated Tubes, Inc. can help create the filtration products you need.

Types of Filtration

Filtration is important to many different applications, including oil and gas production, automotive exhaust, agricultural drainage and much more. Even though filter tubes may be used in a diverse range of areas, they all perform the same general function.

So how does it work? Well, a piece of perforated metal, such as stainless steel, is rolled and welded into the shape of a tube. The size and pattern of the perforations are determined based on the size of the object you are trying to isolate. For example, a noodle strainer has very small perforations so that even a spaghetti noodle couldn’t get through, only the water. With an automotive filter, debris passes through the metal tube and gets stuck to the cloth-like material on the outside to prevent damage to the engine or other parts of the car.

Why Choose Perforated Tubes, Inc.?

Perforated Tubes, Inc. has manufactured filter tubes for over 50 years. We’ve served a broad spectrum of applications, such as aerospace innovation, oil rigs, agriculture, and food & beverage. Our tubes are made to withstand high-pressure environments and resist corrosion. They’re also precision machined to ensure accuracy and efficiency.