Perforated Metal Tube

What makes perforated tubes so useful? It’s impossible to pinpoint just one reason these components are so valuable, but one characteristic that routinely comes into play is their impeccable diffusion capabilities. Perforated metal pipes are often used to diffuse liquid, gas and vapor, as well as types of energy, such as light and sound. Perforated Tubes, Inc. has produced perforated products for almost every application you can imagine – here are just a few ways our products can be used for diffusion.

Sound Diffusion

Their ability to diffuse sound makes perforated tubes a universal component in mufflers around the world. As sound vibrations travel throughout the engine’s system, they eventually reach the end of the exhaust pipes. Here, a metal tube dispels these waves of sound through a strategic perforated pattern. The remaining energy passes through these perforations and typically meets a soft packing material, which is designed to absorb what’s left of the sound.

Gas/Air Diffusion

Another common location for perforated pipes is within air diffusion systems, which are used for aeration. Aeration is a key water treatment process that’s often used to reduce the presence of unwanted gases and other materials, such as carbon dioxide, ammonia and hydrogen. During the process, air is diffused through a fine perforation pattern, which creates very small bubbles that help eliminate these gasses, leaving behind only clean water.

Light Diffusion

Though perforated tubing is often seen as a purely functional component, it offers decorative uses, too. A wide variety of unique lighting fixtures feature perforated tubing for multiple reasons. One is that high-quality perforated metal provides a stylish fusion of modern and industrial styling elements that appeal to many of today’s homeowners and property managers. Additionally, metal tubing can hide a light fixture’s bulb while allowing heat produced to escape through perforations. But there’s more to it – this tubing also helps diffuse the light projected by the fixture, resulting in softer tones that create a unique, welcoming atmosphere.

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