A Global Client Base

Perforated Steel Tube Manufacturing Image - Perforated Tubes, Inc.For more than 50 years, our creative solutions, quality components, and fast, responsive service have made us a trusted resource for a wide variety of industries worldwide, including automotive, aeronautics, oil/gas/petrochemical, paper milling, architecture, and interior design. Whenever failure is not an option, customers turn to Perforated Tubes, Inc. to provide the integral elements for whatever they are building.

Our perforated filter tubes have been used in tremendously diverse applications, including:

  • As support cores for high-pressure filtration systems
  • In air filtration systems and as components for U.S. military aircraft and ballistics
  • Architectural details and lighting (from sculptures for a major hotel in China to decorative lighting for CBS’ The Guiding Light)
  • In automotive filtration systems

To learn more about the vital role our perforated steel tubes have played, read our case studies below.

Case Studies

Keeping the Flame Alive

Perforated Tubes stepped up to make sure the Olympic Torch used for the 2006 Torino Games burned brightly and without fail in all wind and weather conditions. The torch traveled a total of 75 days throughout Europe, starting in Olympia, Greece and completing its journey at Olympic Stadium in Turin, Italy. The metal perforations at the end of the tube allowed for the flame to engulf the body of the torch, mimicking the appearance of a traditional wooden torch.


For more than a decade, we have met the widely divergent, yet exacting perforated tube performance needs of motocross aftermarket suppliers. We have produced over 1 million feet of perforated tubes precision-designed to exacting diameters and percentages of open area, anywhere from 23 percent to 50 percent, for muffler baffles.


We have provided a key landing component that served as the first line of defense in keeping the Mars Rover project from ending before it hit the ground. We were chosen because of our work with the Space Shuttle and our track record for manufacturing to the aerospace industry’s standards for tight tolerances.


Our expertise in the oil-well filtration systems has played a pivotal role in keeping oil flowing from the world’s third-largest supply of oil reserves in Azerbaijan. We leveraged its extensive experience in tubes for offshore oil wells.


Our extensive experience as an industry leader allows us to be the preferred perforated steel tube suppliers for a diverse range of applications. We have established longevity in the business as a result of our ability to serve our clients efficiently and attentively. For customized solutions tailored to your needs, contact Perforated Tubes, Inc. in Ada, MI.