When you’re placing an order for perforated pipes, there’s a lot to consider. It’s critical to pick the right material as well as ensure that the perforation pattern is appropriately suited to the application at hand. Another detail to consider are end options. Here, we’ll work through the benefits offered by the end options available through Perforated Tubes, Inc.


Endcaps, commonly known as discs, play a key role in a wide range of applications. Their primary function is typically to prevent the exit of fluids, espEnd Capsecially water, from a pipe-based system. They’re often found serving this purpose in commercial and residential plumbing systems, as well as in industrial machinery. Just like the tubes we offer, our end caps can be crafted from a variety of materials (both solid and perforated)  to ensure that each product measures up to the demands of your business.


Flanges are designed to provide a stable connection point between two pipes or other component of a pipe system. In order to provide a secure seal, one pipe’s flange is affixed to the other component’s flange using bolts and a gasket. One of the primary benefits of flanges is that, despite providing a reliable connection, flange-equipped components are easy to swap out when system modification is necessary. Like endcaps, flanges come in several configurations and materials, so you can find components that suit your business without a hassle.

Threaded End Connectors

True to their name, threaded end connectors are another end option designed to help connect perforated pipes to a variety of additional components that vary based on application. Because the threading is designed for the individual application, it typically makes pipes with threaded ends fairly easy to install and modify. They usually provide a tight, reliable connection, but additional sealing agents, like tape and thread-sealing compounds, may also enter the picture to help create a leak-proof system.

Custom-Designed Perforated Tubes

When it comes to perforated tubes, end options play a major role in enhancing pipe functionality. That’s why Perforated Tubes, Inc. offers tubes with several options, in addition to a wide range of customizable features to provide simple access to the quality products your business needs. Contact us for information about our capabilities or submit a quick quote online today.