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In many ways, perforated tubes are necessary to keep agriculture running. While the industry as a whole has an immeasurable number of moving parts, perforated tubes play an important role in several key systems and contribute to many of the modern conveniences that farmers enjoy today.

Water Management

It’s estimated that about 70% of the global freshwater supply is used for agriculture. Where there’s water, there’s a need for filtration. Perforated tubes and pipes are critical for such applications as field drainage to ensure the soil is adequately aerated. While drainage ditches were used in the past, underground perforated tubing is now the primary means of removing excess water from the soil profile. Without proper water management, the fields won’t have the right conditions for a successful growing season with high yields.

Other uses for perforated metal tubes in agriculture include irrigation, strainers and filter-pumps. The perforations in the tubes help separate suspended solids from the water to prevent pump clogs and enable water recycling. For example, perforated tubes are often used in groundwater collection systems to pump water to holding chambers or treatment facilities so that it can be recycled and reused for future irrigation, vegetable washing or livestock drinking. Because the tubes are installed underground and are expected to perform season after season, it’s absolutely critical for them to be the highest level of quality.

Other Uses

Aside from filtering water, perforated tubes are also commonly used to enhance grain storage aeration and power tractors, among other applications.

Order Perforated Tubes for Agriculture

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