2018 Summerfest Speaker SculptureThe perforated metal tube is often associated with filtration, construction and other function-first industrial applications. But here at Perforated Tubes, Inc., we’ve never been afraid to stray from the ordinary. We’re proud to have manufactured perforated metal pipes used for everything from decorative lighting used on television show The Guiding Light to an innovative speaker display used at the 2018 Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Perforated Tubes as Home Décor

Industrial chic has earned a place in the hearts of home design enthusiasts across the nation, and for good reason. The style blends the warm, welcoming tones typically associated with more rustic themes with the edgy appeal served up by industrial design through a compelling blend of wood and metal decorative fixtures.

When it comes to lighting, metal is usually the material of choice. Perforated metal pipes can be hung around lights not only to entice visitors with a distinctive industrial look, but to help disperse light in a unique way that complements the room’s environment as a whole.

Customizing Your Perforated Metal Light Fixtures

Perforated Tubes, Inc. is already a cut above the rest thanks to our decades of industry experience and innovative manufacturing techniques, but we’ve also distinguished ourselves through a diverse range of customizable features. If you’re planning to create industrial lighting for home design, this can come in handy.

For one, we’re pleased to provide an extensive library of perforation patterns designed to accommodate nearly any application. Need a specialized pattern that’s not on the list? Let us know, and we’ll work to create something that makes for a one-of-a-kind product.

Another key advantage when it comes to industrial lighting for home design is our rich selection of materials and surface treatments. Materials range from mild steel to titanium and beyond, while surface finishes, such as electropolishing and colorful powder coasting allow clients to select a custom look that effortlessly blends with home décor.

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