Our products might not be as diversified as it’s uses but we understand how crucial it is to have parts you can rely on to get the job done. 

Our Process Mastery


We’d venture to say that perforated tubes are unlike any other fabricated product. When we started out we had to develop the production technology that makes them possible. As a result, we’d argue that today our expertise in every aspect of their manufacture is deeper than that of any competitor. After all, when you invested thousands of hours in process development it’s only reasonable to conclude you know that process inside and out.


Custom Capabilities


Customization means customers get exactly what they need. Nothing compromised, nothing given up. Many manufacturers don’t like doing custom work. It complicates their systems and processes and takes too much time to manage. We’re different. We’re proud of being a custom manufacturer. Our willingness to help customers meet their goals helps them build better products, and we believe when they win we win too.


The Quality of Our Work


Uses for perforated tubes range from agricultural and basic filtration needs to challenging high-performance aerospace applications. Building a quality product means conforming to requirements, time after time, and we have the procedures in place to ensure we do just that. But we’re also proud of our ability to meet the most demanding customer requirements. How demanding? How about interplanetary space travel demanding?


That’s right, we’ve built parts for NASA that have gone to Mars. And if we can meet NASA’s requirements, we can probably meet yours too.




Part of competing is about looking for ways to improve, and for that a second pair of eyes can be very helpful. That’s why we’re big believers in independent quality certification. We partner with American Systems Registrar (ASR) to maintain and continuously improve our internal systems and processes.

As we all know, some companies pay lip service to ISO 9001. That’s not us. We’re 100% committed to using it as a tool for managing and improving our operations. It’s integral to everything we do, and we welcome the guidance from ASR on how we can keep getting better.


Global Reach


No, not another brag about our interplanetary capabilities, here we’re referring to our terrestrial reach. Our perforated tube products are in use around the world. You’ll find them practically everywhere: in oil fields, in hotels and on vehicles. Want to know if we can supply your operations in Azerbaijan? Just ask.


History and Relationships


We’re a family owned and operated business. Good for us, you might say, but how does that benefit customers? Here’s how:


First, our reputation is extremely important. It’s taken decades to build and we’re not going to do anything to jeopardize it. That means customer satisfaction is paramount. If a customer isn’t happy we won’t be happy until the problem is solved.


Second, we care about relationships. Yes, we want to sell you perforated tubes, but we want to be doing that for years to come. For that to happen we have to be honest with you. Sometimes that might mean a difficult conversation about why goals or requirements can’t be met. That’s not fun but we believe it’s the right thing to do if it means you trust us in the future.


So, family-owned means our customers receive what we like to describe as a personalized, client-focused customer service experience and we’ve been doing it for just about 65 years. 


The Original


Perforated tubes are a highly specialized product. We’ve been making them longer than anyone else and we’d argue our experience gives us a clear advantage. Come to us with a problem or challenge and it’s likely we already have a solution up our sleeves or on the shelf. If a standard product will do the job that’s what we’ll recommend, but as a custom manufacturer we can engineer exactly what you need. That’s the advantage of being the original perforated tube producer.


Ask what we can do for you!


Our competitors are capable but we believe we offer things they can’t. We’ve listed seven above, but don’t just take our word for it, let us prove it. Reach out today. 


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