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Inconel is a trademarked superalloy that’s engineered specifically for extreme applications. When you need perforated tubes that can withstand harsh temperatures or corrosive environments, then Inconel may just be the metal of choice.

The Workhorse of Metals

Inconel is known for its strength and reliability. It was created by merging the best characteristics of other metals, like nickel, chromium, iron, manganese, carbon and more, into one superalloy.

The end result is a material that’s well-suited for extreme environments. It can withstand very low and very hot temperatures without losing its tensile strength, making it ideal for both cryogenic conditions and temperatures up to 1000°F. It even performs well in processes where temperatures fluctuate rapidly from one extreme end of the spectrum to the other.

In addition, Inconel boasts extraordinary resistance to pressure and corrosive chemicals. Where sodium chloride, for example, would erode most other metals, Inconel holds up strong. Its incredible tolerance for these extreme conditions makes it the perfect choice for a variety of industrial applications.

Inconel in Action

Due to its properties, Inconel is often selected for applications where salt or saltwater are involved. An oil rig working out in the ocean, for example, might employ Inconel perforated tubes, as would other types of jobsites located in close proximity to the coast. Inconel is also commonly used in the combustion process because of its high heat resistance. Some examples of industries where this metal has been used include:

  • Automotive, including motorcycles and racecars
  • Hydraulic lines
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear engineering
  • Oil
  • Firearms

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