Perforated Metal Tubes

Perforated Tubes, Inc. has spent decades perfecting the art of the perforated metal pipe, and throughout our time spent leading the industry, we’ve attracted customers from far and wide with one key benefit – the flexibility of custom manufacturing. We understand that needs can vary considerably from one project to the next, and that’s why we offer metal tubes with a wide variety of customizable design elements.

Metal Choices

Perforated Tubes, Inc. kicks off the customization process by offering a variety of metal choices. Each offers its own distinct characteristics – some may specialize in strength, while others deliver improved corrosion resistance. Options include aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel and titanium.

Perforation Patterns

Our manufacturing processes and expertise allow us to create perforated tubes designed for a wide variety of industries and applications. Perforation patterns may be straight or staggered, and you’ll have the opportunity to choose the percentage of open area in order to ensure that each pipe meets the needs of your application. Dig into our perforation library to see what’s available.

Additional Structural Details

While material and perforation pattern are both undeniably important, there are several other structural details that are essential in crafting the perfect finished product. Tube diameters available through Perforated Tubes, Inc. range from ¼” to 11.9”, tube wall thickness is another key variable that will depend on diameter and several other factors.

Tubes are available with straight-weld, spiral-weld and spiral-welded louvered seams. You can even pick from several end options, including endcaps and threaded-end connectors which play a major role in determining how your tubes will fit into the larger picture.

Surface Treatments

Applying a surface treatment is a simple way to provide perforated metal pipes with a functional finishing touch. Steel plating can help ramp up durability, while colored powder coating lets you spice up the look of tubes that will be visible once they’re installed. Electropolishing, on the other hand, is a process that both boosts strength and provides you with a finish that shines.

Place an Order

Perforated Tubes, Inc. strives to accommodate the needs of customers across dozens of industries by providing a vast list of customizable design elements. Learn more about our product capabilities, or contact us for more information on how we can tailor your perforated tubes’ design elements to better suit the project at hand.

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