Motorcycle Exhaust PipesAlthough the benefits of perforated tubing may be easy to overlook by the everyday eye, there are plenty of industries and applications where these valuable resources play a key role. One application for perforated tubing that’s easy to observe daily are  in the exhaust systems from a wide range of vehicles. You can seldom see the perforated tubes themselves, which might make it tough to identify exactly how they’re working. Get the facts from Perforated Tubes, Inc. – we’ve created perforated metal tubes for almost every application, including exhaust purposes.

Keep It Quiet

The very definition of the word “muffler” makes it clear that the purpose of the component is to reduce the sound of the vehicle to which it’s attached. Typically, mufflers are required in order to meet applicable sound-level laws. But how exactly do mufflers accomplish this task? The answer is simple: mufflers are outfitted with perforated metal tubing, which offers reliable sound diffusion properties.

Most modern mufflers feature a range of components, but in general, their sound-silencing properties can be credited  to perforated tubes working together with muffler packing material. As the engine’s sound energy travels through the system’s pipes, it eventually finds its way to the end of the muffler, where a piece of perforated tube awaits. This tube’s perforations direct the sound into the muffler’s sound-absorbing packing material, which is often made of fiberglass, steel wool or a similar material. What escapes from there is the sound you hear when a vehicle accelerates.

In the world of aftermarket parts, mufflers are a popular custom addition, because changing the style of perforation used can lead to precise sound adjustments. Certain types of perforations, for example, create a louder sound that’s often desired by performance enthusiasts, while others offer greater sound reduction characteristics for a more subtle ride.

Your Exhaust Experts

At Perforated Tubes, Inc. we’re no strangers when it comes to exhaust – we’ve developed more than 1 million feet of perforated tubes precision-designed to meet the exhaust needs for the motocross industry. Searching for a reliable source of perforated tubing? Apply for a quick quote online today.