Oil Rig

Oil is one of the most important and widespread sources of energy in the world today. But the process of getting it from underground reservoirs to the fuel tanks in our cars, trucks and furnaces, is long and complex. To help optimize efficiency and support a cleaner environment, Perforated Tubes, Inc. provides high-quality custom perforated metal filtration tubes to oil rigs around the world.

Extracting Oil

In order to get oil, it must first be extracted. It exists thousands of feet underneath the ground, through layers and layers of rock and sediment. Massive oil platforms use a special drill to shred through the rock, reach the oil deposit and then begin pulling the oil up through a series of heavy-duty pipes. That process in itself is difficult enough, but to complicate matters further, the oil extracted is not pure. It cannot simply be put into barrels and shipped to consumers.

What’s actually being extracted from the ground is a mixture of crude oil and water, natural gas, sediments and other pollutants. In order to isolate the crude oil, oil sediment filtration is required to remove any unwanted substances. Perforated metal tubes are valuable during the extraction process to get a jumpstart on filtering. This can save time and energy on the surface and also prevents those unwanted materials from corroding and clogging the pipes as the oil travels up to the platform.

Refining Oil

After the oil is extracted, it then undergoes a refining process, where it is transformed into products like gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel. The first stage of the refining process involves filtering to remove any leftover particles and molecules contaminating the oil. If not completely removed, these substances can compromise efficiency and quality. Not to mention, oil that contains corrosive impurities is subject to scrutiny and possible penalty from environmental regulators.

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Oil sediment filtration requires extremely strong, highly corrosion-resistant metal pipes and tubes to get the job done. At Perforated Tubes, Inc., we can help you customize perforated filtration tubes that meet your exact specifications, from the type of material used to the diameter of the holes. Request a quote for your project online now.

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