Perforated Metal with Grit Blast Finish

Between placing your request and receiving the final product, your metal tubes go through an extensive manufacturing process. We do this to ensure you get the level of quality you need for your specific application. One of the techniques commonly used at Perforated Tubes, Inc. during the manufacturing process is called grit blasting, and it’s a great way to create the surface texture you’re looking for.

Grit Blasting Tubes

Grit blasting is done in a wide range of industries through a variety of methods. Generally, it involves blasting a piece of metal with abrasive particles. One of our team members operates a nozzle that uses compressed air to blast out the particles. Because the particles are travelling at such high speeds, they’re able to treat and condition the surface of the metal as they hit it.

Grit blasting actually plays a critical role in the finishing process. The abrasive particles remove all containments off the surface, leaving behind a smooth texture and luster that some clients look for. Other clients, however, choose to add on a high-performance coating to their perforated metal tubes.

The Surface Texturing and Tooling Experts You Can Trust

Depending on what application the metal tubes are being used for, the surface needs to be able to stand up to corrosion, wear and tear, impact, chemicals, sunlight and extreme temperatures. If not finished correctly, clients may find that their tubes aren’t able to meet the demands of the job. That’s why it’s so important to find an accredited manufacturer like Perforated Tubes Inc. that has extensive knowledge and years of experience with creating the types of products you need.

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