Oil Rig

The need for filtration equipment spans all across the world’s industries, playing a key role in the everyday operations of businesses big and small. But there’s one industry where the value of filtration – by way of perforated tubes – proves especially true, and that’s in the world of petroleum. Here, we’ll dig into the importance of high-quality filtration systems in the oil industry.

Oil and Filtration

Not unlike filtration technology, oil is an invaluable resource that’s used across many of the world’s industries for a wide variety of purposes, from powering transportation vehicles to generating electricity. But despite its importance, oil’s not all that easy to acquire. It requires innovative technology, including massive structures known as oil rigs, to extract it from far beneath Earth’s surface.

Because it’s located deep in the earth, it stands to reason that petroleum brings along a fair amount of debris when it’s extracted. That’s where filtration technology comes into play. Oil rig filtration systems, which typically include tubes with small perforations, help remove debris, such as sand, in order to keep oil flowing smoothly from the formation that’s being drilled. This type of filtration typically takes place at the very bottom of the well, where working space is extremely limited, in order to keep the pipe as clear of solid materials as possible.

Filtration takes place on the surface, too. But thanks to the more spacious environment above the ground, other, more precise, technologies are usually put to work to remove minute impurities and to separate the crude oil from produced water. These tactics often involve complex filtration systems, such as three-phase separators.

The Pioneers of the Perforated Tubing Industry

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