Perforation Pattern

At Perforated Tubes, Inc., we’ve spent decades defining an industry with innovative manufacturing techniques, standard-setting customer service and superior-quality perforated metal pipe products. Our ability to tailor each order to meet client needs is perhaps our greatest advantage.

Our Perforation Patterns

Our years spent at the top of the perforated tubes industry have allowed us to forge lasting relationships with clients across numerous industries, including oil extraction, agriculture, construction and more. Fittingly, we create products that are used in a lengthy list of applications – and each pipe must be crafted to suit that application’s unique demands. Our perforation patterns include both straight and staggered configurations, perforations of various sizes and a plethora of open-area formulas.

Browse our list of popular patterns to see what’s currently available. Not certain that our perforated tube patterns are right for your application? Reach out to a Perforated Tubes, Inc. specialist, and we’ll see how we can accommodate your project.

Why Perforation Patterns Matter

Our extensive library of perforated tube patterns is part of the reason that Perforated Tubes, Inc. has garnered such diverse clientele. The demands of a perforated metal pipe can change significantly between every application, which means that our team must be prepared to switch things up to stay ahead of the pack. Fortunately, that’s what we do best.

Take filtration for example. Pipes used in such applications are typically designed to separate particles of sediment or other matter from fluids, and this tends to require exceptionally small perforations. Pipes used to diffuse light or for decorative applications, on the other hand, may be crafted using a much larger perforation pattern to supply a striking look once installed. The pattern you choose ultimately comes down to your unique business needs – and no matter what they may be, there’s a good chance that Perforated Tubes, Inc. can manufacture a pipe that can get the job done.

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