Soldiers And Military Aircraft

Perforated Tubes, Inc. has a long history of working with clients for defense and safety applications. Whether the job involves protecting people in everyday situations or defending what matters to us most in the line of duty, our defense component tubes have played an integral role—and they continue to do so today. As technology evolves, the demand for metal parts that can stand up to intense conditions only seems to increase.

Defense Component Tubes

Every metal tube we create goes through a comprehensive process. From selecting the metal to creating the perforation pattern and finish options, every step of the process involves careful consideration. And that’s exactly what’s needed for these tubes to perform in such high-pressure applications as defense and safety.

So whether we’re creating metal tubes to be used for general structural purposes, dampening or filtration, we employ the most innovative technology available, some of which we’ve pioneered ourselves. As a result, we’ve had a hand in creating a diverse catalog of defense equipment, including aircraft, machinery, safety mechanisms and more.

Powering the Technology of the Future

It’s clear that technology is moving at a rapid pace. As we look to the future, we can expect more space exploration, stricter safety protocols and tighter lines of defense. Our metal tubes can be constructed to resist impacts, scratches, extreme temperatures and chemicals to keep those working and living in close proximity safe.

Designing Defense Component Tubes

If you have project that requires reliable, high-strength perforated metal tubing, reach out to Perforated Tubes, Inc. We have a wide range of metal choices, seam styles, perforation patterns, end options and surface treatments to choose from. Contact us today to discuss details and get a quote.

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