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Perforated metal tubes are extremely versatile products that serve a variety of different industries. They’re used to process the food we eat, purify the water we drink and filter the oil we use to power our cars and planes. After more than 50 years in the industry, here are some common technologies for which perforated tubes from Perforated Tubes, Inc. now have a vital role.

  1. Air Treatment

Most homes and buildings today rely on highly complex HVAC systems to heat and condition the air. These systems utilize perforated metal products, including tubes, in order to keep the air clean and safe and every room comfortable. The perforations help filter out and trap unwanted particles and diffuse sound. These same processes can be applied to larger-scale applications, helping to filter air and silence noisy machinery across many operations.

  1. Transportation

Perforated metal tubes are also frequently involved in automotive and aviation applications. Modern vehicles rely on complex processes to power not only the engine, but all of the advanced electronics and features they now come with. Perforated metal tubes are mainly involved in the exhaust system, where they filter and direct emissions out from the car, truck or motorcycle. However, they’re also used in other filtering processes and sound diffusion, as well.

  1. Water Treatment

Filtration is a critical component of water treatment and recycling, especially now as environmental regulations continue to tighten. The perforated metal tubes help separate water from suspended solids and other fine debris and particles that threaten water quality. This filtration helps clean the water so that it can be reused safely or pumped efficiently through the system. You might see this type of system found in agricultural field drainage and water collection technology as well as a range of other industrial applications.

Explore Perforated Tube Technology

With perforated metal tubes, the size, perforation pattern, material type and finishing options can all be adjusted accordingly to meet your exact specifications. This makes it easy to find materials that can withstand the demands of modern technology and continue to push the envelope of industrial capabilities. Browse our product offerings online today to learn more about our products.

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