Car Exhaust Pipe Tips

With a range of uniquely customizable features,  perforated meal pipes are popular for numerous applications among many industries. One application that may seem easy to overlook is acoustical damping, which refers to the reduction of noise levels produced by machinery. Here, we’ll explain how the products provided by Perforated Tubes, Inc. play a role in dispersing sound energy.


Perforated Tubes in Vehicles

One of the more well-known acoustical applications of the perforated pipe is within the automobile’s exhaust system – or, more specifically, in the muffler. But while they play a fundamental role in the reduction of exhaust sound, the perforated pipes employed in your vehicle’s exhaust system are rarely seen, making them easy to overlook.

So how do perforated tubes actually reduce engine noise? It begins with the sound traveling through the vehicle’s numerous pipes. Eventually, this sound reaches the muffler, where a perforated pipe is installed and surrounded by packing material. Once the sound reaches that pipe, it’s directed through the tube’s openings and int

o the packing material, which then absorbs the sound before what’s left of the vibrations exit the vehicle, creating the generally unobtrusive vehicle sound you’ve come to expect.

Perforated Pipes for Quieter Spaces

Naturally, cars and trucks aren’t the only machines that create a great deal of noise,  perforated tubes are often used in other industries, too. Noise can quickly become a problem on industrial job sites, whether due to distractions caused by high volumes or hearing loss sustained by workers exposed to intense noise levels for extended lengths of time. Using similar principles as those employed in the diffusion of vehicle sound, perforated tubes placed strategically within and around industrial equipment can help minimize noise levels and maintain a quieter workplace.

These perforated pipes have a role in spaces beyond the industrial sector as well. If you’ve recently spent time in a public building and noticed a minimum of noise despite high ceilings, thin walls or large crowds, there’s a good chance that acoustical damping is responsible. Using perforated pipes in these settings provides a way to reduce sound levels, bringing ambient noise to a minimum.

Order Your Acoustical Damping Perforated Pipes

Seeking to create an effective noise-cancellation system for your workplace machinery or vehicle? At Perforated Tubes, Inc. we are proud to accommodate customers around the world with durable tubes created from a wide variety of materials and designed to meet your application’s unique demands. Explore our  products and apply for a quick quote online today.

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