Standardized products offer their fair share of benefits, from reduced production costs to ease of access. But while they certainly have their place, numerous industries and businesses rely just as heavily upon equipment that’s precisely customized to meet a specific need. Perforated Tubes, Inc. caters to both types of requirements by creating high-quality perforated tubes that can be manufactured to a standard or customized to meet the demands of your industry.

Why is Customization So Important in Perforated Tubes Manufacturing?

Over the years, Perforated Tubes, Inc. has developed a client list that spans a broad range of industries, including agriculture, oil extraction, construction, aerospace and much more. This diverse list serves as a testament to the versatility of perforated metal pipes, but it also indicates the importance of our ability to customize the products we create.

Each and every project offers its own unique requirements. The perforated metal used in agricultural filtration, for example, will naturally feature different design elements than those used in automotive exhaust systems. In the same vein, tubes designed to exit the Earth’s atmosphere as aerospace vessel components must maintain a significantly higher degree of durability than those used as decorative light fixtures.

As industry veterans, Perforated Tubes, Inc. understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to the perforated metal pipe, and that’s why we consistently exceed expectations with precise customizations.

How We Tailor Tubes to Your Application

To cater to our clients, we offer the customization of major design elements, like perforation pattern and material, as well as smaller details, such as surface finishes. Plus, if you’re uncertain whether we’d be able to accommodate a request, call us at 616-942-4550  – we’ll see what we can do.

Here’s the full list of customizable features at Perforated Tubes, Inc.:

  • Metal Type
  • Perforation patterns
  • Seam design
  • Wall thickness
  • Tube diameter
  • Surface finishes
  • End options

When all of these details are considered as a whole, it becomes clear how Perforated Tubes, Inc. is able to serve such a diverse selection of industries.

See the Advantages of Custom Perforated Tube Manufacturing in Action

Planning a project that requires perforated pipes? Order customized, high-quality products from Perforated Tubes, Inc. today. Apply for a quick quote online to get started, or contact us to discuss our capabilities in detail.