Close-up of Perforated MEtal

When you place your order for perforated tubes, you can choose to add on a special finish or surface treatments, one of them being an electropolish finish. Electropolishing is a technique used to improve the overall quality of your product, is just one of the finishes Perforated Tubes, Inc. offers on their perforated metal tubes. Here, we’ll explain why this process ensures your tubes can handle the most vital tasks.

What is Electropolishing?

If you’re not familiar, electropolishing is a technique used to remove the outer layer of a piece of metal. It’s also known as “reverse plating.” It was first used back in the mid-20th century when commercial metal treatment became popularized, and it is still essential today for a variety of industries.

The process involves a combination of electricity and chemicals to strip away the tube’s outermost layer. Because the metal is immersed into the chemical solution, this technique is safe to use on even the most complicated tubes and patterns.

The Benefits of Electropolishing

Electropolishing comes with many benefits that other finishes and treatments can’t provide. Not only does the process offer a sleek, high-quality appearance for perforated tubes, but it also helps strengthen and reinforce them. Here are a few of the main benefits of electropolishing:- Removes any embedded contaminants

    • – Corrects heat tint and oxide scale
    • – Removes microcracks and pits
    • – Gets rid of burrs (tiny pieces of displaced metal that may snag or break)
    • – Makes tubes more corrosion resistant
    • – Helps the tubes last longer
    • – Leaves, a bright, polished appearance
    • – Suitable to use on most stainless-steel perforated tubes
    • – Adjusts the sizing of the metal

Once all contaminants and imperfections are removed from the surface, you can feel confident that your tubes will last long into the future.

Order Electropolished Perforated Tubes

For more dependable, high-quality parts, request an electropolished finish on your perforated tubes. Call us at 616-942-4550 to learn more about the process and options for your project, or request a quote tailored to your exact specs.